Our Services
( IX ) Handle the China inland trucks in Hwa-Dong Area    
With a large staff of professionals and experienced drivers to clear and forward your goods through Hong Kong-China customs. Our team of experts in the Shenzhen Futian Free Trade Zone is experienced in providing valuable services to assist you in clearing your goods through the Chinese customs. Our daily service provides operational groundwork such as researching of product codes, custom clearance, and taxation regulations, etc., allowing your goods to reach Hong Kong within a day.
( X ) Repacking of Goods and other services    
Whatever the requirement, even if clients need to re-package goods prior to departing one port to another, our professional team will handle each request with the same dedication and efficiency to minimize any delays.
Our highest standard and commitment goes to monitoring your goods while they are in our care. Should any of your goods become damaged or critically affected, our operation team will immediately inform you for your protection and follow-up actions.